How to Create New Gmail Account? Step-by-Step Tutorial Guide

Gmail Create New Account - Gmail is the web-based email service provided by Google that allows users to store, send, receive messages in the form of Text, HTML, as well and picture format.

The basic need of creating Gmail services by Google is to solve the storage issue of Users. Gmail provides 30 GB of storage capacity including G Suite. This storage is shared between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos.

Now, that is your best decision if you want to create new Gmail account. By creating new Gmail ID, a user can also access to Google's other products like YouTube, Google Drive, and Google+.

If you are going to use Gmail, you will have several Ultimate Gmail features which can make emailing more easy for you -

Add Multiple Accounts -
If you are a web geek,  a blogger or an Internet marketer you must need different google accounts. Google provides a multi-account facility which means you can access different Gmail in the same browser. Just click on the right-top of your account>click ADD ACCOUNT and you can add another Google account in the same browser. You just need to switch between accounts and done.

Gmail Auto Reply -
If you are off to vacations and busy somewhere, still you can respond to your messengers. Just set Auto-Reply on and done.

Mark an Important Emails -
You will have millions of email daily. It could be very difficult for you to filter the important one. But you don't need to worry when you're using Gmail. It has an amazing feature of marking important emails with star. There is a Star button in front of every email. You just need to click it for your important email. When you need that email, just click 2nd option in left panel under Inbox.

Gmail Email Type Distribution -
To reduce the mess in your inbox, Gmail will distribute your all emails according to their utility. If you got an email from social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails will go into the social tab. If any kind of promotional email, it will go into Promotions tab. Rest emails will only be saved into the Primary table. Moreover, any kind of spam or virus will automatically move into spam inbox.

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How to Create New Gmail Account on

If you are a new user to this service. This one is the only guide which you need to Create Google Account and get access to your new Gmail.

Let's start, Go to, the official Google Website. Then Click on the right-top blue button "Sign In". 
Create New Gmail Account

You can also click Gmail, the page will redirected to Gmail Sign In Box. Here, click on "more option" and select 1st option "Create Account".
Gmail Create New Account

You will redirected to "Create your Google Account" page. Here add your credentials; Name, User Name(Create Email Address for Gmail). If your user name in not available, you need to mix it up with numbers to get it done.
Gmail Sign Up Page

Create your password. Remember, the password should something which you can easily remember. Or, save the password somewhere in your device so that you can use it in future.

Add your DOB, your Mobile Phone number. Your current email address, leave it if not having one.

Now, Click on "Next Step". The pop-up window will be open as "Privacy and Terms". Click "I Agree".

Hurray! Your Gmail account has been created now. Click "Continue" and you will redirected to "" once again. Now, Click on "Gmail" tab from the picture one. You will redirected to your  newly create gmail account.
Gmail Account Create

Now you know how easy to create new Gmail account. You can Compose an email to anyone, send pictures, banners, Text files, Attachments through it.

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