5 Easy Steps to Change or Reset Gmail Account Password

You just have create new gmail account. You have filled some random characters and numbers to make things done that time. Now, you want to Change Your Gmail Password. You need to add something which you can easily remember.

Reasons Why You Need to Change your Gmail Password:

There are several reason to change Google Account Password. It could be - 
  • You have forget your last remembered password.
  • Your Password is too short to get easily cracked.
  • Your Password is too long to remember by yourself.
  • Very common that your family members can guess it.
You must add something which you can easily remember but, the proper password should be mixture of Characters, Numbers and Symbols. If someone have this kind of password which have follow all these rules, the chances of hacking password is almost impossible.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?:

1st of all, Visit your Gmail account. Then, Click Settings.
How to Change Your Gmail Password?

In the next page, choose "Accounts and Import". You will see the 1st option as Change account settings. Click "Change Password".

How to change google account password easily

Another window will open. Here you need to fill your present password and click "Next".
Gmail Password Change Tutorial

In the next window, fill "New Password" and again fill pas word to confirm it. Remember, Use at least 8 characters. Don’t use a password from another site, or something too obvious like your pet’s name. It could be easily guessed.
Change password gmail

Now, Click "Change Password". Done.

Now, Logout from gmail account and try gmail sign login with new password. You can also cross check that your old password will not be working anymore. Just login gmail with new password.

If you can easily remember your password that is good. Otherwise, save it in your computer/Laptop or mobile phone to use it for future.

That's all we have with tutorial over How to change Gmail Password Easily. Ready other articles and make the utilisation of Gmail more easy.