How to Enable/Disable 2-Step Verification in Gmail? (Pictures)

2-Step Verification on Google - Google provides an extra layer of protection which also called two-factor authentication. It helps you to protect your Google account even if someone gets your password.

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But enable two-step verification,  You can sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone).

How 2-Step Verification Help to protect out Gmail Account?

As by name, 2-step verification means user need to verify the account in two different ways. Google has provided this awesome idea to secure out Google account even if someone hacks our password.

After enabling two-factor authentication, you need a password as well as your phone where Google will send a "Unique Code". Only after verifying that code, you can access to your account.

How to Activate 2-step Verification in Google Account?

The whole process is very simple. You just need to follow the Step-by-Step guide written below -

Login to Google Account

1st, Go to "My Account" after clicking on top-right on your account button.
enable 2-step verification gmail

Then, click on "Sign-in & Security" Tab.

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Then, click on "Signing in to Google" from the left bar. You will scroll down to the exact location.
Turn On two-factor authentication google

In the next window, they will tell you how to protect your account with 2-step Verification? Add an extra layer of security i.e password and unique verification code. Click on GET STARTED.

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In the next window, enter your working phone number(add your personal number, every time you log in to the account, you will receive a verification code on this number).

After adding a mobile number, you will receive a unique 6 digit code. After adding the code, click NEXT. It will show the following window. Click TURN ON. 


Now, every time when you Login Gmail account, you need to add a password. After adding password you will receive a code on your mobile number. You need to add that code only after you can sign in to Gmail otherwise not.

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How to Disable or Turn Off 2-Step verification on Gmail?

As every time when you log in your ID, you need your mobile phone. Sometimes it is not possible to carry a mobile phone with you or you have forgotten it at your home. 

In that case, you need to Turn Off two-factor authentication.

Follow all the above steps and you will get a window where the 1st option will be "TURN OFF".

Click on the button and Turn OFF Gmail 2-step verification process.